Finishing doors and windows

Finishing windows and doors can be a tricky process, especially when working with interior and exterior finishes. At Diamond, we think through things like sun exposure, extreme weather, moisture, and aesthetics to find the right finishes for your windows and doors.

With expertise in finishes ranging from paints and stains to lacquers, varnishes, and fire-retardant treatments, the Diamond Prefinish team will work hard to ensure your doors and windows are beautifully protected.

Windows and Doors Portfolio

“… after using several other finishers in the past, I was finding myself having to settle for sub-par work much too often. But since I’ve been using Diamond, I see myself looking no further. All of my projects go there now. they are professional, knowledgeable, flexible and courteous. they are easy to work with, competitively priced and produce a finished product as good as any I’ve seen. i have referred them to others with happy results and will continue to do so with great pleasure.”

James Wanamaker, Owner – Wanamaker Cabinetry & Woodworks, Seattle, WA

Our Process

Do you have a single front door or a package of windows that need to be completed? Diamond Prefinish’s tried and true finishing process ensures your doors and windows will receive a quality finish so they will stand up to the exterior elements and interior foot traffic of your home or office.

Diamond Prefinish Color Matching

Color Matching

Diamond Prefinish offers custom color matching to any existing paints or stains. Our expert colorist mixes all stains in-house, allowing for a consistent, high-end finish.

Diamond Prefinish Preparation


At Diamond Prefinish, we know the key to a strong finish starts with preparation. Depending on the current state of your windows or doors, they will go through several stages of preparation, from sanding to cleaning to masking.

Diamond Prefinish Finishing


Our specialized facility is equipped with spray booths designed to achieve the best possible results. Depending on the finish you choose, your windows or doors will go through several stages of finishing, whether it be just a clear coat or prime, primed and painted, or stained and clear coated.

Quality Assurance

All projects that come to the Diamond Prefinish shop undergo rigorous quality assurance (QA) checks prior to starting your project, and before it is considered completed. Once your windows or doors have successfully passed our thorough QA inspection, you will be contacted to schedule pick up.


What is the turn around time?

Depending on the size of your project, our typical turnaround time is between 7 to 10 business days. These times vary depending on the season and our workload, but we always provide an accurate timeline before starting the project, so you know you’ll get your finished project on time. 

What colors can you make?

We can color-match both paint and stains. In fact, all our stains are custom made (and matched when needed) in house. We’ve found this to be the best way to provide a consistent, quality finish every time. When it comes to paint, we work with trusted partners to find the right color match for your project. You’ll always receive samples of any colors, which you’ll approve before we move forward. 

What kinds of wood can you paint or stain?

We work with you to understand the type of material you’ll be using and recommend the best finish for that specific project. When it comes to different species, it’s important to know when and if you can paint or stain. We pride ourselves on our understanding of these, and work with you to ensure your final project is a success. 

Do you deliver?

We offer trucking services with curbside delivery within 50 miles of our Kent Diamond Prefinish location for $150. We’re able to accommodate people outside of this radius on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us directly so we can get your delivered squared away. 

Let’s finish something together.