Diamond Prefinish, Inc.
Diamond Prefinish, Inc.

Diamond Prefinish, Inc., operation is a clean, particle-free 12,000 square foot facility equipped with 4 spray booths and state-of-the-art spray equipment that allows us to give your material a "hand-done" appearance.  With precision control.

Diamond Prefinish, Inc., has been applying protective coatings to sub straights such as wood cabinets, interior and exterior doors, casing and veneers, as well as metal and fiberglass since 1998.

Prefinish provides protection and longevity against the harsh Pacific Northwest elements.  Prefinish also enhances and reveals the natural beauty and uniqueness of the woods character.

Whether the finish you desire is a clear coat, satin, glaze or paint, Diamond Prefinish, Inc., will professionally apply the finish, giving your project a superior appearance while providing durability and longevity.

Diamond Prefinish, Inc.
, has several standard stain colors to choose from in addition to our custom stain and paint matching services.


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